Sims and Some Demon Souls


Today, when I’m writing this piece, Sims 4 Snowy Escape has gone live! Oh I am excited! I’ve put over a thousand hours into Sims 4 and that’s just, well honestly kind of sad but whatever. This pack is based on Korea I believe, let me double check that. Oh, Japan apparently. Man, I suck at this.

Since all the footage started releasing, I’ve come to realize I know nothing about how homes are built or how Sims look. My god the basics of this pack got super difficult for me… Google tabs are open of houses and people just so I can see something that looks right. My god I suck at this apparently…

With the new platform tool, there’s so many new things I want to try as well! I saw a YouTube Sims person..? Sims YouTuber? I saw a video on making a toddler dungeon, and another one on bunk beds. Family homes are going to be way more fun now! At least, European and American ones. So much more research has to go into any other style…

As for Demon Souls. I’ve got a copy, and I can stream it. My dad bought both new consoles day one, and I really, like, really want to play Demon Souls. Is it worth learning to stream that game? Yes it’s brand new and would probably be an great experience… Now I’ve talked myself into it. I’ll have to invite the boyfriend over to help me set everything up. He streams too if you want to check him out!

Souls games are great, and I’ve played them all now except Demon Souls. Adding that game to my list would be amazing! Once I start getting into that, I’ll update everyone! That is, if I can figure it out.

But yeah, that’s been my weekend. Way too much sims, as per the usual at this point, and “YOU DIED” screens. Sorry about being late today too. I forgot my kids needed food, so I had to run out and grab that. Thanks for stopping by today! Be safe out there, and we’ll talk soon!
— Deryn

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