Phones and the Future


If you didn’t know, I have two jobs at the moment. One of those jobs has me selling phones and my goodness Canadians have it rough. Besides the point, I was watching the Apple conference just as I’m sure a lot of people in the world did. Having worked for EB Games in the past, I’ve noticed Apple and Nintendo make some similar decisions when it comes to their customers that just really annoy me. I mean, I get it, but it still sucks.

The new iPhone boxes don’t have a cable or charging block in them, I remember this with the New3DS from forever ago now. Nintendo told their customers that they didn’t need a charging cable in the box because their customers should have had the cable from their last device. Excuse me? So almost every unit I sold I had to tack on a $15 charging cable. Now, granted that made my store a lot of profit, but like, what the frick Nintendo.

I can see Apple doing this for a similar reason; buy a phone and everything you need to actually use the dang thing. So let’s say you buy a new phone from your local cell phone store, you probably buy a case and a screen because that phone is worth more than my life, and now you also have to buy cables? You’re looking at two hundred dollar transactions for a new phone on day one. Or I guess you could just use what you’ve got, but for new users for even families. Kids take charging cables all the time, it’s just a fact at this point.

Dad’s birthday cake! Guess who’s 44 today

A funny anecdote, I was telling my boss about this post, and he told me I can’t publish it. Because I represent this company and am trash talking a product we sell, I could get fired. Oops I guess.

But yeah, Apple kind of bothers me sometimes. Not that there’s anything I can do about it besides complain. But I do that anyway...
Well, I’m late to posting this, my bad. Anyway, have a good day and be safe!
— Deryn

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