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My lovely roommate and I have been watching more scary movies. She never really watched any when she was younger, so now is a great time to force her to sit down and enjoy them with me! I say force, but she enjoys it really. Our most recent watches were The People Under the Stairs and Hush. The People Under the Stairs is a classic more of a thriller type movie. I’ve never seen it myself and that made the experience more interesting. Hush is a Netflix movie about a deaf woman getting fucked with by a murderer. 

Now, I have to address it, I went into the People Under the Stairs expecting something like the Hills Have Eyes kind of horror. We watched that movie with a friend of ours who did say it’s more of a thriller. I just didn’t really process that and expected to be on the edge of my seat scared. The characters were interesting, and if you haven’t seen it, the main antagonists are beyond weird, it was great. The protagonists are just kids but they’re awesome. I loved watching them just try and escape everything going on. 
There were definitely some parts that really just threw us off. Little spoiler – We see one of the villain’s in a full leather “gimp suit” at one point and that was bizarre. When he came into frame wearing that we all just freaked out. 
All in all, great movie and I’m glad this movie was recommended to us.

Poster for The People Under the Stairs

Hush was amazing! Our protagonist is a deaf, ass kicking, and resourceful woman who has her night just ruined by this murderer dude. Being a sadistic and all around just terrible guy, he decides to mess with her. All night he’s just tormenting her. Playing with the fact the audience can hear but she can’t was super neat. The ending kicked so much ass and I will one hundred percent recommend this to horror lovers. 
I was recently talking to a friend about this movie, and he was telling me this is by the guy who did the Haunting on Hill House series which makes sense. It was amazing and now I know this director does more amazing work. 

Movie Poster for Hush

Even with the two different styles of movie, it was a good night! But that’s all I have for today. Thanks for stopping by and be safe out there!
— Deryn

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