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Since coming back to this job, some of my old regulars have discovered that I’m back. That’s not a bad thing at all, it’s actually kind of cute. I never really noticed how much of an impact I leave on my customers. Or I guess also the impact they have on me. Plus, some of the new people I’ve had the opportunity of meeting has been amazing! Unfortunately there’s a few yet I have to see that I actually miss still.

I have an interesting client who before I left, was in the middle of getting custody of her grandson. She’s a nice lady with a great sense of humor and all things considered, a very positive woman. I just got to meet the grandson and I have a feeling, even though a huge piece of his family is messed up, he’ll do great.

There’s a client I haven’t seen yet. When I first met him, he was learning Hebrew and wanted it on his phone. He’s an interesting fellow who’s cancer came back. His wife comes in sometimes with questions about her phone, and I always try to make sure to say I miss them and am wishing the best. An odd guy for sure, but definitely a friendly face who was always kind and full of stories.

I’ve had a couple a friends come in to get new phones now too. Friends instead of customers is an interesting difference in sales. The need to still be somewhat professional but also changing your language and being more casual is how I prefer to sell. I’m a social person and enjoy making friends during my conversations.

Homemade and super sexy dinner ’cause I have no pictures for today

Being back at work has been great. I really appreciate all of the lovely, and sometimes total trash, people I get to see every day. Hopefully with the way things are going, I have the holiday season, and then I can start looking at profits on this blog and such again. So stay tuned for that update! Otherwise, that’s it for today! Be safe out there!
— Deryn

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