Celebrating my Roommate


On Sunday a couple friends of ours and us, (me and the roommate. That’s not the proper English for that, I know.) got together to celebrate my roommates 24th birthday. She’s basically a dinosaur I know. Our day started off super relaxing; we hung around my place just chatting mostly. Eventually we migrated to Spirit Halloween to do some exploring and costume planning. We’re thinking vampire pirates. I look hot as a pirate. Like damn dude, I’d date me. But yeah, that was the beginning of our adventure.


Spirit Halloween is a great store, but better than all of that is GOATS! We were looking for some more fun activities and found Don-o-Ray farms in Kelowna. We made friends with ducks, and goats, and horse, and some bunnies, and chickens, and it was AMAZING! I love animals. The chickens were super soft, I got my hand munched by ducks, and I have never touched a bunny, so that was straight hype (“super cool” for those who don’t understand my garbage slang). Getting “lost” in a “maze” was fun too, and airbrush tattoo’s that really just capture the chaos that is our little group of dorks, it all around was an amazing time.


We ended that part of the day with ice cream and gossip. Talking about life and enjoying everyone’s company was a great way to bring that part of the night to a close. But the roommate and I had more to do. I mean, she is “partying” with me after all. A really good friend offered to make us dinner. His cooking is always amazing, so how could we turn that down right? Stuffed peppers that he carved to look like Jack-o-lanterns, too many cookies, only because I ate like, all of them, and ice cream again along with the original Halloween movie was how we spent the rest of our night out. 


I forgot how both odd and fantastic the original Halloween was. Jamie Lee Curtis is a goddess and that movie really was the dawn of some amazing horror works. Can you believe she was only 19 when she did that movie? Like dang, she was beautiful! I mean, she still is, but I was an ugly 19 year old so… Nonetheless, the movie was great and getting to spend that time sitting on the couch eating more ice cream felt revitalizing. 

This chicken was insanely soft!

Pardon the next bit here, I’m about to get sappy. 
My dearest Sabreena, oh how amazing you are. You’ve been such a huge piece of my life for about seven months now, and I’ve loved every second of it. The love of my life, I can’t say it enough how lucky I am to have you in my life. Since you moved in, my perspective on life and all of the shit thrown in has changed. Every day is an adventure and now I’m a damn dog person. I love everything that you are and I thank you for sticking around. 

What a cutie she is!

Thanks for stopping by today! Stay safe out there!
— Deryn

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