Some New Tunes


On the second I pre-ordered a CD, I know, a CD, but hear me out, for Ninja Sex Party. They’re signed and everything and I am SO EXCITED!!! I had the chance to see them live in England but I’m not talking about that yet… The album goes live in about two weeks and I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for new music. 

Their YouTube channel has one of the new songs on it “Thunder and Lightning“. When they shared the song, the one band member Brian tweeted – “Hi, I used to be a professor of theoretical physics. Please enjoy this new song of mine about my friend’s superpowered testicles.” – I love everything about this band and am just so excited over their new album! 

Don’t talk about England… You’ll get embarrassed Deryn… You were overtired and stressed and… Just don’t… So there’s a fun story about seeing NSP last year… I say fun, I was so devastated when it happened and haven’t put it on the internet yet. We were in the middle of watching the two opening bands, TWRP and Planet Booty (great names I know), and I had almost no phone battery left. Our train was going to be there for like, 22:00 and was the last train back to Chesterfield. Because I had no idea what time it was, and that we were in a different country, I just got super sad and left to make sure I wasn’t late. We flew for thirteen hours over an ocean to see that show, and friends but still, only to NOT MAKE IT! Was I mess for like three days? Yes. Do I still not like talking about it? Also yes. Is that going to stop me from putting this on the internet? I wish…

Long story short, I’m trash at planning. But, now that it’s been a year, there’s new music! Oh I am so excited! Next time they go on tour, I am going to over plan the whole trip because I am not missing this again. 

Look at them <3

When the CD comes in, I’m going to have to buy a shadow box to display it inside my cabinet. You can be guaranteed when it’s on Spotify that’s all I’ll be listening to. But anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today! Be safe out there!
— Deryn

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