October Dates to Remember


Happy first day of Halloween! Can you believe it’s already October? Oh I am so excited! After work today, if I have the time, I want to go to the dollar store just in the other plaza and look for cute fall / Halloween decorations. I’m not the largest sweets fan, so I won’t be raiding the grocery stores for snacks. Besides Halloween, this month is going to be busy.

First on the list in the roommates birthday. She reads my blog, so I can’t talk about what I have planned until after we do it. I love everything about her and she’s the best roommate I’ve ever had. I’m going to make sure Sunday, which is when we’re celebrating her birthday, is the best day she’s ever had. I’ll make sure to put up pictures too, just because I’m going to show off how great she is.

Next on my list is my brothers birthday. The kid is twenty one this year. We live in Canada, so that birthday isn’t the big birthday, but I still want to make sure he has a good day. He’s a huge gamer, so I have a few idea’s on presents, but I really want to find something special, so I’ve been creeping Etsy and Amazon’s handmade section looking for something. Monster Hunter and One Piece are his favourite both game and anime, so that’s what I’m searching for.

Last on my list is my dad’s birthday. My dad is amazing and I like to share just how much he does for his kids. That dick also reads this though, so I’ll have to treat his birthday the same as my roommates. He’s made his “what to get me” list difficult this year, so I’ve had to get creative.

Yes, I am 100% reusing this

There’s quite a few things I’m also waiting for in the mail for everyone, as I can almost plan things properly. After everything, HALLOWEEN!! Oh I am so excited! October is a great month, and I cannot wait to spoil the people around me! But, that’s all I’ve got for today. I hope you have an awesome day, and be safe out there! Oh and, here’s what was going on a year ago today too!
— Deryn

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