I finally did it. I finally picked up Dune. We’re going to give this a shot guys, here we go!
I can’t do it. The writing is too much for my brain. I reread the first paragraph four times and I just, I can’t. I’m not going to give up on it though, so my next option would be audio book then I guess. I’ve never actually listened to an audio book before, so this introduction is weird. I dig it though. Okay, here we go!

Dune in Audible

This is much easier to listen to than to read. I’m only about twenty minutes in, but it’s easy to follow and I can see myself getting really into this. The character we’re following has a good amount of intrigue, hopefully he doesn’t lose that over this novel. I got an idea, I have the book, why don’t I try and follow along? Cool okay, so this is a great idea! The narrator reads at a good pace, and being able to see what he’s saying, frick I feel smart right now.

Our main character, at least who I think is anyway, is finally starting to do “main character things” and the story is starting to go. I’m excited, there’s a good amount of tension without feeling like I’m going to burn out before the next chapter. My real gripe right now, his name is Paul. Every other name of anything or anyone has been so, not English, but Paul. This narrator says “room” like “rum” and I’m here for it.

Well, I’m through the first chapter now, and holy frick. That was intense! There’s so much about this universe that you get to see right away, and yet there’s still so much the reader has no idea about! I can one hundred percent see myself getting the whole series. This is definitely going into my “favourite reads”. And I’m only one chapter in! If you haven’t yet, go watch the trailer for the new movie(s) that are coming out soon. There’s a scene where it looks like one character has his hand stuck in a box, and that’s chapter one!

The cover of Dune

I’m so glad I gave this book another chance, and I’m hoping to get a decent way through it today! If work isn’t too busy, I’ll make it through at least a few more chapters. I’m about half way through chapter two and I don’t want to put it down. I’ll probably be posting updates on Twitter for the next little while. Want to read it before the movie comes out?

But that’s all I have for today, mostly because I’m going to continue reading it. Thanks for stopping by, and be safe out there!
— Deryn

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