The Southern Neighbours


Almost every year, my province, and in particular, my city catches fire. We’re known for really bad forest fires all the time. The other morning I woke up to a text saying “look outside”. If you’ve never seen a smoke filled sky, it’s surreal. The sun is red, and the air quality is actually so bad even I am struggling to breathe, but what can you do really?

The view outside my job this morning

Looking it up online, the three states directly below me are on fire. That’s Washington, Oregon and California for those who don’t know, which is insane, and I’m sure that’s not all of it either! To my friends down there, be safe. If you want to see some drone footage, I found some for you. As for closer to home, New Westminster, which is just north of Vancouver, is also on fire. News outlets capturing this footage are brave and you can be sure I’d flee if I lived there.

It’s frightening to see the damage and chaos created by these wildfires, and by the shitty humans who made the one in particular. Skies are literally red from the amount of smoke polluting the air. I can’t imagine waking up to something like this. People are dying out there and that’s scary.

My dad got this shot.

There’s a huge amount of news sites covering what’s going on, I recommend looking into it, and I know not everyone can directly help, but if there’s anything at all, even just educating yourself can really help in the long run. The air quality scale going to ten and we’re at an eleven which shows just how bad everything is.

Be safe out there, and be kind to the people around you. And don’t be outside if you don’t have to if you are near those fires. We’ll talk again soon!
— Deryn

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