Philip the Lawn Flamingo


Remember Stardew Valley? I fucking love that game, even after all this time it’s still amazing! As I’ve said with Harvest Moon / Story of Seasons, there’s something crazy peaceful about just farming and following a pattern in video games. Unwinding after a long day and just making sure your potatoes are okay is a fun hobby! 

I’d love to have a farm like this!

My friend Will and I spent a few hours the other day just farming away and enjoying the peace involved in everything, except the fishing… I haven’t properly dipped my feet into multiplayer for this game, so him and I were just trying to enjoy the game while making fun of most of the NPC’s. Him and I are both casual gamers too, so there’s no competing or power gaming when we play. 

We started a fresh save for this, and went about slaying slimes, growing parsnips, (which I’ve actually eaten before!) and collecting all the eggs for the… Easter? festival. Will has a great attitude with games like this. I actually relax while playing games with him. Even though we started awhile back, we haven’t got far. I fell off the wagon a tad and have been preoccupied. But, I promised we’d play more, so soon enough!

The art is just adorable!

Goals for the next time we play must be set, I’m not a good gamer, but I am dedicated. Wicked levels of exploring and monster fighting are going to happen. I asked Will about what he wants to do, he asked, and I quote “does cute shit with my best friend count?” I’m excited to play again! While writing this, another friend spilled a pickle jar all over his crotch. I love my friends. 

The reason this post is named what it is, is because at the egg hunt thing in game, we bought a lawn flamingo. We needed that flamingo. I really don’t know why either, but we won it. I love him, and named him Philip. That’s been my adventures into Stardew Valley.

Isn’t he cute?

And that’s all I’ve got for today, but that’s for stopping by! You’re awesome! And be safe out there!
— Deryn

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