I Waited


Last year, I was posting on August 15th about how I was excited for Autumn. Now, granted I did kind of mention it recently on and off again, especially through memes, I’m making that post today. Am I going to use the same meme today as I did last year? If I can find it… Do I know it’s not even September yet? Hush, it doesn’t matter. Michaels is already having sales on Autumn and Halloween decor, and I have already bought some, so to me, it’s basically October.

I found the meme!

To prepare for the best season, I’ve bought jeans, tights, and boots for the aesthetic. Well, that and we redid my hair so I’m brunette again. Leaves changing colour, pumpkins finally making pumpkins, and with my lovely roommate and I are going to have the biggest Halloween party ever! In all actuality it’ll be like four people at most and maybe a board game or two. She wasn’t born in Canada, so this year is half her life in this beautiful country. I want to spoil her a bit, but her birthday comes first, so we’ll see. As of today, there’s sixty-seven more days until Halloween!

We were playing with Midna’s nose

Come the colder months, I’ll be able to go hiking more too. Without the 30° – 40° heat, I can actually go outside and not died, which is cool. I’m also going to swim more, and hopefully get some more use out of my rock climbing shoes. Going to have a lot of fun this winter! There’s a fantastic ski resort outside of town, Big White, and I happen to live with a skier, so I may been going up there a bit this year too.

My poor kid never stood a chance

Work has been slow the past few weeks, and I’m getting bored. With all my free time, I’ve been putting more work into my creative writing, so keep your eyes peeled for updates on that! That and a lot of Fall Guys, I don’t understand why that game is so great, but I’ve got way too much time into that game already. Oh hey, back on Halloween, I want to get my pets some costumes! I’ll share those if I do!

Anyway, that’s all I have for today. Have a great one and stay safe out there! Love y’all!
— Deryn

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