So I Bought Halo


I’ve played it before. The roommate though… “Q” on the keyboard is the default key for melee, and “shift” is to run in the fee that supported that. Trying to explain all of this to her was hilarious. I got “that’s too many buttons, I’m walking everywhere” as her response. I did’t even get to telling her about the grenades. 

She ended up getting through the campaign of the third game with a couple friends of ours from overseas. I’m proud of her, she finished a whole game! I mean, yeah it was a co-op game, and probably on an easier difficulty, but, I’m so proud of her for having fun while shooting aliens!

In game screenshots!

Played through the first games campaign with a friend of mine. Got like halfway through and the game straight up crashed. That’s cool… Had a ton of fun! Missed the Halo games. I’m a shit shot and didn’t pay any attention to the story, but it was great. If you press “TAB” in the first game you can switch between the graphics settings of the original and the updated version. The original, holy crap man, that game is dated now for sure. 

After the game crashed, we hopped onto multi-player. I got a sniper rifle and we tried to kill the enemy team more. By the end of it, I got maybe twenty kills total. And that was like, three, maybe four rounds. So yeah, I’m only kind of garbage at the game, but I had tons of fun!

Playing multi-player with my friends overseas is difficult. They’re a lot better at it than I am. Just running around killing each other has some quality moments though. For example, my one friend is a “bouncy motherfucker”.

Games like Halo bring a huge amount of nostalgia, all while creating new memories that hopefully I get to keep forever.

On a side note, welcome back! As of today I am back to regular posting schedule! Thanks for coming around, and I hope you have an amazing day! Thanks for reading!
— Deryn

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