Taking A Week Off


Starting today and going through until next Monday, I’ll not be posting anything on here. I’ve been so focused on writing my novel that I haven’t done anything else. That hyperfocus is starting to fade, so I’m going to take this time to work on myself and make some exceptionally good content. Mostly my house is a mess, I haven’t read a book in almost two weeks, and I’m burning myself out. My other platforms should still be updating, so I’m not gone completely, I just want to get ahead on my mood.

Took Midna to the Beach

Some updates since we’re here: I enjoy writing poetry, and since it’s unfortunately a writing style I have an extreme amount of content for, I may try and publish a book of two of that before my novel is finished. Especially over the last month, I’ve made about fifty new poems. I have to go through, edit, and group them up. After that, I can start looking to publish them with the help of my amazing roommate, who happens to be an artist.

Percy squishing my poor plushie!

I’ve rewritten my novel’s first and second drafts now, so I can start looking at reading it over, hating it, doing it again, and then letting someone else maybe read it once. In other words, I should actually finish novel one soon here. Should being the key word of that sentence, because my brain is a dick. I post more updates on the progress on my Twitter. I have high hopes though, I’ve been putting in a lot of work and am so far, pretty proud.

Shadow is so cute!

I’m going to start more home reno’s soon! Which means more posts of me bitching about that! (That’s meant to be funny…) As well as maybe more posts looking to moving out possibly coming? We’ll see, I’d like to do that still, but I’ve got to fix this place up still quite a bit.

Blurry shot of Midna being a fish

That’s all I have for updates, and all I have for today. I’ll be back for the 17th! Thanks for stopping by, and if you want to help support me, Patreon and PayPal are still the best ways financially. I love and appreciate you all! Be safe out there!
— Deryn

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