Studio Ghibli


What a brilliant studio! The first time I was in England was the first real time I got to experience, in recent memory, the legendary work through Spirited Away. Since then I’ve always wanted to watch them all. Recently, Netflix got, most? Maybe all?? I don’t know… Of them on their platform. These movies are totally worth a watch! Not all of them, in fact I’d almost say most of them I’d say are definitely for an older audience.

I own Castle in the Sky and Grave of the Fireflies on blu-ray, I bought them years ago and really need to learn to control my compulsive shopping... Those are definitely my favourite ones though. They just really stuck with me, and both have such different themes. The ability to tell such a beautiful yet heartbreaking story.

Still from Kiki’s Delivery Service

One of the most impressive things I’ve noticed is their strength in putting adult themes such as death into movies for a younger audience. You fall in love with them for that and then watch Princess Mononoke and your jaw hits the floor after the first fifteen minutes. That movie was brutal and unforgiving.

There’s still a few movies I have yet to watch, and I’m definitely buying a digital copy of Grave of the Fireflies since it’s my favourite movie from them. And I have to buy some merchandise! The roommate has a cute soup cup bowl thing for Kiki’s Delivery Service and I’m really wanting something similar!

Still from Grave of the Fireflies

I’ve cried, screamed over cats, drooled from buffets, and loved every second of each of these worlds and characters. I’m beyond impressed and honestly a tad upset with myself it took me so long to watch these. Binge these, it’s worth it.

That’s all I’ve got for today though, thanks for stopping by!! Stay safe out there! And stay tuned for Thursday especially this week!
— Deryn

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