One Hot Summer


Can you believe June is almost over? It still feels like April around here! Especially since it hasn’t stopped on and off raining for almost a week. Even though time is basically a lie right now, I’m still super excited to spend this summer outside!

I’m terrible for going out and enjoying nature normally, but I can already tell this year is going to be different. Walking or biking everywhere is definitely a huge player in my outdoor adventure process. I can go anywhere I want this summer and not feel restricted for transportation! The lake isn’t far, I do that bike ride quite a bit now. Plus my bus adventure posts are fun to write.

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When summer starts to visit, I notice my music taste change slightly. There’s a list of songs that I almost exclusively listen to in the summer. It’s because when I did have a car, they were on a CD I made and I listened to the same like fourteen songs the whole three or four months it got up to 30°. Maybe I should put them all in a playlist for everybody? Remember making mixtapes for crushes back in school?

Swimming has got to be my favourite sport. Only because I actually like swimming but whatever. I also happen to live in a town with a really nice lake. You can be guaranteed that I’ll be spending too much time down by the water this summer. Plus, who doesn’t like looking at all the beautiful swimsuits and summer dresses? I might actually have to get my car fixed too… That’s a whole other thing on it’s own.

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I’ve got a good feeling about this summer. It’s definitely going to be a hot summer. I actually stole that phrase from a friend, but whatever. The sun is just lighting up my house right now! Speaking of which, I’m going to go out and enjoy the day. Thanks for stopping by!
— Deryn

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