Only One May Stand


Every Saturday night, my friends and I get together and play some Magic the Gathering. This dang card game has consumed such a large portion of my life that half the YouTube channels I’m following are just games or how to build decks. 

Some Recommendations if you want to see the game:
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This is a card. Her name is Atraxa. Such a pain in the ass…

I got into it while I was still working at EB Games like four…? Years ago maybe? And over the years I’ve learned and really invested into my hobby. Few years later, and now I’m constantly selling my soul to this game.

Now, I’m no expert, and honestly not even one hundred percent sure I play properly half the time, but, I do really enjoy the mini group I’ve gathered. You know, for magicing. Get it? Magicing the Gathered? Because it’s dumb yet quirky? I’ll escort myself out.

My pride and joy in this drug that is Magic is my Varina Deck.
*Picture of that card somewhere
She’s beautiful, like straight up absolutely fucking stunning. One hundred cards of leave me and my zombie children alone. Shenanigans are ripe for the picking in my games. I’ve been building and working on this deck for my whole magic career. 

*Here she is!

Magic is known for being the most difficult card game just because of all the little details on gameplay mechanics, and with the particular format I play there’s a lot of bargaining and politics involved. Examples being “don’t fuck with me and I’ll let you live another turn,” or “no no this isn’t that bad,” because we all know it is that bad. 

My fascination with this game was originally with the art on the cards. Each card looks so different from the next and has its own special rules. I’ve been told my Pokemon nerds that it’s just a more complicated version of that game. But yeah, the art, and the fact you just buy packs of like 15 cards and see what you get! Because gambling is fun... That’s actually how I met Jordan was through Magic pack shopping. 


This is Liliana, my favourite Planeswalker

I’d love to teach everyone how to play, and how to use each card, but it’s more than that. There are so many little things that it takes so long to learn. I’ve been playing for years and I’m still learning. If you could see my living room table you’d know I’ve got myself into this pretty deep. Playmats to keep my cards off the table are my makeshift tablecloth and random cards are scattered as well as boxes with decks actually in them. 

I just bought an expensive card the other day and am hoping in the next set it isn’t reprinted. If it is I just lost some money and I’ll be sad. On that note, that’s all I’ve got for today. Thanks for reading today! And I mean it, give the game a chance. 
— Deryn

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