Went Rock Climbing


Technically it’s “bouldering” but not everyone knows that term so… But yeah, did that recently. Now, I have an extreme fear of falling which makes things like climbing a wall rather difficult. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try, right? 
When I say extreme fear, it’s bad enough I won’t jump into bed because I have to fall like, half an inch maybe. It’s terrible!

We got there early just in case any of our waver’s were wrong. Since it was kind of empty, we had the option to just jump right in. We did. One hundred percent going for it! The gym looks so nice on the inside, colours everywhere to determine skill levels and add a vibrant enthusiasm. And the people, it’s all around a well made environment. 

Gloomy day is gloomy

I’m not the strongest person I’ve ever met, so I decided to just try going up a tad and then attempt coming back down. With my falling issue, I figured this would be a good idea. It took a good few tries, but once I really went for it, I was having fun. I ended up even trying to fall a couple times just to prove to myself it wasn’t completely terrible, and that didn’t work… But I still tried!

The gym itself constantly moves around the climbing pieces to spice up the experience, so the one wall I really wanted to beat will be moved by the time I get to go back. Not having a car is starting to get to me I think… I just want to go back so bad…

All in all, I loved going! Tomorrow I’m definitely going to be sore in my arms and legs, whatever though right? I had so much fun doing that. I’m going to go buy shoes for it though, the rental sizes only do a full shoe size and I feel a half size would help me a lot. The shoes are a custom style like a ballet slipper. 

The Next Day
I’m sore, tired and am two hundred percent buying shoes so I can do this again soon! I recommend trying this! Do it! This particular facility is open until 10:30 at night, so it works really well with my schedule. 

Some cute bunnies I saw!

I’m super sore though, so I’m going to go take a bath. I hope you have an AWESOME day! And stay safe out there!

— Deryn

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