Playing Some Zelda


Oof, Multimedia Monday is doing fairly well! And by fairly I mean I freaking love doing these! I’m going to not always review books if I can help it, mostly because I also love playing video games. Today we’re tackling The Legend of Zelda, Links Awakening for the Nintendo Switch.

All pictures are screenshots from the game

First impressions are a big deal, so my first impressions are HOLY FRICK IT’S CUTE! I love the art style. Character design and colours are just perfect. Koholint Island, which is where Link wakes up on, is CUTE!

So, as far as I can gather, I’m here to wake this Wind Fish thing. The Mysterious Forest is my next stop apparently? It’s definitely a faster game which is cool. And the owl is adorable! This one definitely feels like an old school Zelda game.

Complaints, because I need them obviously, I’ve gathered a couple. Not many, but a couple for sure. The frame rate is probably my largest one. Whenever you load another area the game feels so heavy. My old laptop ran League of Legends at a ripe five frames per second, this game feels slower between area crossings.

And render distance, oof. The fog of war kind of thing, at least in the opening area, is annoying. The Switch is a powerful little machine, and I feel as if Nintendo didn’t optimize their game properly.

Now that I’m like an hour in, this is definitely a game I’m going to play more. Even the frame rate and fact I got lost for way too long in the Mysterious Forest isn’t going to stop me from learning this games story. I never actually played the original, so I can’t stop now.

I say I can’t stop, but I kind of have to. I was busy all weekend and now I’m having people over today. So I’m putting this game down for now. But I’ll come back. Thanks for stopping by today!

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