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Cause I started reading again! Yay for me, right? And right now, I’m reading “N0S4A2” by Joe Hill. This novel has been adapted to TV, and is rather scary. I started reading it like, last year, but struggled with some of the ways it’s written. But now what I have time again, and a cute reading spot, I decided to give it another try.

If you want to read this yourself, you can grab a copy from places like Amazon. Disclaimer though it’s graphic and has very mature themes.

Now, this book is uniquely written, at least from other novels I’ve read. The style feels almost like an actual conversation at times, without focusing too hard on things that don’t actually matter. I’m intrigued by the way the characters think, and by the fact they all feel real. There’s a tad bit of time skipping, and so far it’s only forward so I’m not too confused. I do have to say though, it took me way too long to figure out what the title meant.

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Besides the writing, I put it down before completely understanding why we quit following the characters first introduced. Victoria McQueen is her name, and she’s a very well thought out character. The way she reacts to stuff going on, the fear and curiosity are so well done, I started to actually care about her too much like every fictional character I follow for too long. She’s, almost a good character, but she’s definitely, at least as far as I’ve gotten into this, is our protagonist.

Since revisiting this novel, I’ve got a new appreciation for the way everything lines up, and how the writer made this story come to life. The world building and character development is great. I’ve fallen in love with the chaos that is Vic McQueen and her messed up life, and with Charlie Manx. Charlie is our antagonist who is just creepy. I enjoy the idea that he is forever trying to find the one who got away all those years ago. Gives me chills just thinking about it.

Since I started writing this, I’ve read more and more. I really love this book and I would totally recommend it. Sometimes the graphic themes are a little much, but otherwise I enjoy how every character acts throughout life. It’s crazy what giving a real shot can do with a book. I can’t believe I ever put this book down.

I spent all weekend writing this and analyzing the novel. My appreciation for it has skyrocketed and I’m really glad I got back into it. Looking for a thriller filled with great characters and an amazing story? Pick this up!

It’s a little beat up. Oops

Thanks for joining me today for my first edition of Multimedia Mondays! As the weeks go by, I’ll work on this format. I want to review videogames and novels since I have all weekend usually to get into them. Again, thank you so much! Have an awesome Monday and great week! Thanks for reading!

— Deryn

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