Pauls Tomb and Knox Mountain


I went walking again! This time with a different couple of friends, which honestly was pretty fun. I love my normal hiking gang, but these two were very “just run up you’ll be fine” kind of people. And after we all get to the top, we’re dying and cursing each other, but it was 100% worth it. 

The Knox trail starts at the bottom of the mountain and you work your way up to a split in the trail. On way goes right up to the top of the mountain, which sounds like effort, and the other is really just a nice walk, which is the one we took. Overall the trail is about five kilometres, so nothing crazy. The views though, wow.

Like, look at this! What a beautiful city! I’m proud to live here! I wish I got this shot before cars started hitting the roads again.

And the lake! Oof! So pretty! Okanagan lake is always just so stunning.

Trees though! Such wonders! I’m so lucky that I got these pictures. There were quite a few people and it just so happened there wasn’t anyone around.

Yeah the views are stunning, but it’s just a walk, there were quite a few people and their dogs, so it was a little busy. All in all it was refreshing to get out again. I even ran up some stairs, which is a lot for me. I’m impressed, but I only did it because Bella is a bully. I would recommend this trail for someone looking for something a little easier. 

But yeah, I know this is a shorter one. I really enjoyed it either way. Definitely want to take the other trail right up the mountain next time! Thanks for stopping by today!
— Deryn


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