Stocking the Clothing Department


Now that the closet is painted and mostly ready to be stocked, we have to decide on racks or whatever we’re going to use to hold clothes. Since we’ve just filled and painted all the walls and rebuilt the floor, I’m not wanting to use anything that will damage what we’ve done. And even though I found a scuff mark today, I’m not going to make things worse.

My lovely roommate happens to have a clothing rack that I really like. The aesthetics of it are just dreamy, and match the room really well. That and a cute little stool thing that Shadow has been using as a pedestal. Plus a massive mirror, this room is going to be easily the prettiest room in my place.

So I’ve decided to buy another of those racks. We have three of them now. With those and a couple mirrors, we almost have a full closet! I’m going to look a couple rugs possibly, and we need some more fairy lights. You can never have too many fairy lights.

One day I’ll finish the baseboards. Promise
Weird to think Walmart makes cute things. Don’t mind the bare wall
Slowly filling the hangers
Shadow doing his judgmental rounds

I want to find a little table for a makeup tray, not that I ever wear makeup, but because I have too much of it and need a place to put it all. And because I want to invest into learning makeup, I’m thinking of building a spot for it all if I have to. the bathroom is just down the hall, so I could just suck it up and put shit away like a normal person.

Mostly in there is clothing we don’t wear one a regular basis, like party dresses and large heeled shoes. I have a blazer and matching dress pants that I’ve hung in there and I need an excuse to wear that somewhere. I also have a few full length dresses coming in that I’m going to put on display in there.

Now that the room is basically empty and usable, we’ve been putting stuff in it again, and I’m going to spend some of my free time cleaning that today. Mirror placement is going to be a big deal for the future of that room, and with stuff everywhere, it just needs to be organized. And hopefully once my packages come in, it’ll be extra clean and decorated. There are probably a million different things I could do in that room, let’s see what I pick!

Once I start my Fabulous Fridays I’ll make sure to show off the closet in it’s finished state. But for now that’s all I’ve got. Thank you all so much! Be safe out there, and have a good day!
— Deryn

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