Late Night Paints


More renovations on my closet are happening, which is super freaking exciting! You can tell my trailer is… unique, by some of its quirks. The walls in the closet are paneling, and that paneling is starting to almost pull apart in a sense from one another. To fix this I’m using drywall mud and just patching these spots. Two layers should be enough right?

Apparently not. I’ve done like four layers now and it’s just so UGH! There’s one wall that has like, one stud. Every time I accidentally push on the wall, or the nice mirror gets moved, it cracks and splits. I swear I’m going to snap if I do anymore this week!

It’s like, day six of just applying drywall mud and sanding the walls, and I think I’m finally okay enough to wash the walls one final time, and then start prepping for painting. Impatience is something I totally suffer from. This room has five walls just due to where the furnace for the house lives, and because of this, there are not as many supports in the walls as there should be. I’ve dubbed each wall by the colour they currently are; blue, brown and white. The blue wall is just dirty, pop stains and double sided sticky tape all over it has made prep work difficult. The white wall was the wall I painted like, last year. And then the brown wall, it has never had paint on it. Literally just a sheet of paneling is what is giving me so much dang trouble. And yes, there are two other walls, but they’re fine so I don’t care.
This wall, I have spent a good couple hours of my life just swearing at it. The wall is about six or seven feet in length, and has a stud on each end, and one right in the middle of it. I leaned up against the wall too hard while sanding the drywall and it cracked all the way down.

Finally started painting! Painting is super boring though, I hate having to wait. Good thing the roommate is here to keep me company. I’ve put her on paintbrush duty, while I have the paint roller.

Layer one looks so nice! We’ve done a pretty okay job at not getting paint on the floor too. I’ve definitely got a decent amount of paint of the plastic covering my floor… I’ve stepped in too much paint. The best part is that I’m finally doing something with this room. I’ve been wanting to for a couple years now. Painting everything has been a good bonding experience too. My two (human) roommates are the best!

Layer two is really bringing this room together. You almost can’t tell what colour the walls used to be. The paint also fills in the lines in the paneling. I’m starting to struggle having to wait for the paint to dry. I can already imagine where we’re going to put different tables and clothing racks. The bits that look like cracks are just where each piece of paneling connects to each other and locks into place. Some of those spots I filled with drywall mud, others are just being painted. That’s why the roommate is on paintbrush duty.

Layer three guys! We’re here! It looks so good! I’m honestly happy with where we’re at with the walls. I’ve just got the odd touch up here and there, then we should be good to go. I’m starting to not want to do baseboards now. I may just cut them and add them later since you just hammer them into place. I’m so eager to have the closet functioning and stocked.And if I lean on the wall, it doesn’t ruin everything anymore!

Final touch ups are done! We painting another room! Over half of my trailer has been rebuilt now, and that’s really exciting! I’m so pumped to be making real progress! This is going to look so good when it’s full of stuff. I know we want to put in a cat tree because the window has a decent view for the cats. I say that, but they’re going to be in there when one of us are in there. Our boys are the best.

I don’t have a wide angle shot of the room since it’s built funny, but I’ll be filling it with stuff soon. I’ll make sure to update everyone with a finished product when I get to it. So in the mean time, here’s a picture of Shadow.

Thanks as always for being awesome! Stay safe, and I’ll see you all again soon!
— Deryn

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