Building a Closet


I am the best handyman ever. Straight up, godlike powers. My ego is so large, I don’t fit through doors! I’m also so full of shit, but at the same time, I’m getting good at these renovation things. Now, I have one bonus room in my place and it used to be my brothers room. It’s not the smallest room ever, but it’s definitely not big enough for much. The roommate had a brilliant idea of making a walk in closet. We can share a lot of clothes, and my boyfriend has a lot of coats and such so why not optimize the space I have available, right?

This room started off an absolute mess, bits of the floor were rotted and I have a wall and a half painted. First thing I had to do was rip out baseboards that were half missing or so damaged they dissolved when I pulled them off.
At the time, we had stuff just piled in there for storage too, so trying to maneuver boxes and ripping out boards was unnecessarily difficult.

Look at this mess!
Like, gross!

Step two, flooring. Now we couldn’t just move boxes around, we had actually cut and lay boards down. I am by no means an expert, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to pay someone to do it for me. I’m new to this, but I’m also a broke human so…

Cutting boards became a huge mess. Guess who forgot sawdust is a thing? And we made a few mistakes while cutting boards. The boyfriend was helping for awhile, then the roommate chipped in, so we got a lot done on day one!

We spent most of day on just cutting and laying boards. Not sticking anything to the floor, we were making sure all of our measurements lined up and did our best to have no gaps between them.
Spoiler, that didn’t work.
About halfway through we started getting a tad lazy and more just trying to have fun while doing a chore. Worked our way all down to having to make a couple more cuts, and it got late. Trying to be considerate of the neighbours, we quit for the night.

I got to use the saw too, but he made it look easy
Check out the gaps!
No one was harmed in the capture of this shot
Day two!

Day two came around and I was not willing to leave the floor alone. After placing all of our boards and making them look at least almost okay, I noticed some massive gaps.
Off to Home Depot!
Now, when I’m by myself, I hate the place. People always ask if I’m lost, or pretend that since I’m female, I have zero idea on what I’m doing. I make sure going into a project I know at least like twenty percent of what I need. I was there for specific things.
Number one, grout. Before I get into why, please remember I am not a professional and I literally just tried something and hoped it worked. Okay, with that out of the way, I got grout for putting between the boards. My logic, it holds tile together, why not hold laminate too? So far, it’s working. I’m just going to let it do it’s thing.
Number two, baseboards! I bought thick white boards to match the new ones in my bedroom too.
Installing them is for another day.

Day three
Swept and sorted

Day three, the roommate finished filling the final gaps in the laminate while I was at work. So now I have to do the baseboards and then paint! We’re so close! Well, actual order of events, lay plastic down, paint, and then put baseboards in. Today I’m going to get some plastic to cover my floor, then paint. I have like two and a half cans of paint which should be enough friggen paint. Paint and grout need maybe a couple full weeks to dry completely. After all of that, up go the standing closet bits and that’s really it. We’re so close!!

In three days I was more productive than I have been in a long time, and it’s turned out FANTASTIC! Painting, decorating and filling the closet will also be a post. I’ll keep y’all updated on what I’m doing with that room. But that’s it for today, so thanks for reading! Catch ya next time!
— Deryn

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