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Remember how indecisive I am over buying a house?
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Yeah, those. And I think I have a few more too. In case you don’t follow me and my rambling, I have been debating on selling my trailer and buying an actual house. I found a place that’s in rough shape but has quite a bit of land. 0.3ish acres of land and a cute little place, on the outside anyway, I found something reasonable!

The current state, from what I know, it has two bedrooms and a bathroom. Technically my trailer has one more bedroom, but I’m turning that into a closet. I promise I’m documenting that for a post, don’t worry. But yeah, it’s got a tad bit more space, and it’s freehold land. That means that I would own it. Looking at the ad, there’s a lot of potential for the land to be either a carriage house, or a massive back yard even. I could even build a catio of sorts...

The reason I say fixer upper, is because we happened to be in the area, since it’s just up the road, and we saw the owners. They happened to let us know that the inside is in “rough shape”. Of freaking course it is... Depending on the damage, it might be fun to tear bits out and build others up, right? There’s even room for and RV right from the get go, so I’ve got that potential too.

Somethings I can fix
Flooring, that’s super easy. Rip bits up, but make sure your ventilating properly because asbestos is a real problem, and then put new bits down. I’ve got pretty good at flooring with my trailer.
Walls, to an extent anyway. They’re not, the worst thing. They’re just a bitch sometimes.

Somethings I just can’t fix
Plumbing, because hell no. That’s difficult. Well, anything beyond a toilet.
Electrical, again it’s a hell no. But if you mess that up you can cause real problems, and I’d just hire a professional for stuff like that.

If things work out, I’ll have to send paperwork out and hustle on fixing my place so I can make top dollar for it. I’ll post pictures that I would use for the listing so people can see the final results from my place. At the point of writing this, I’m waiting to hear back from my realtor.

So, it’s Monday, and the place sold. I was excited to have this big thing for everyone to read but it appears I’m a day late on buying that place. In the end it’s okay though as I’m doing renos still and can always use the extra time to fix my own place up. My realtor also told me that the place had huge electrical problems and was being sold as a “development opportunity”. That piece of land was more aimed towards being a townhouse development or something more commercial based.
I’m a tad bit bummed out, but at the same time, I’m keeping my eyes open at the world beyond.

Thanks for stopping by today, and I hope you have an awesome day!
— Deryn

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