A Day in my Lame Life


I only say my life is lame because I have no more work stories, bus adventures, or people adventures really since quarantine. I’m a tad bit on the “I miss human interaction” to the point I miss work kind if bored. My roommates are great, don’t get me wrong, but I want to take the bus downtown, get Starbucks with my friend Bella and bitch about my week like I used to do.
Don’t mind me just complaining over being a retail slave. Working since fourteen does that to a person however. I’ve talked about a “Day in the Life” before, – Link to Post – but I think it needs an update with everyone being under quarantine.

Any Day that isn’t Tuesday
Let’s hope I went to bed at a reasonable time because I always feel guilty waking up after 8am. Although I’ve noticed I stay up stupid late on Wednesday, only to miss garbage pick up the next morning. It’s lame.
From there, I have options. I’m not leaving home unless we take Midna on a walk: do I wear something super cute, or mega comfy? Usually I pick comfort just because that’s what I would normally do. Sometimes I’m feeling spicy and try on something super cute though, just to feel like I’m leaving the house for a fun event.
I’ve been addicted to Animal Crossing so I have to get my daily stupid mission crap in. If you don’t have the game, are looking for something to do, and have like 600 extra dollars, you should consider getting it. Solid game, casual, and it’s just a great unwinding tool all around. So that’s usually what I do first.
My roommate is oddly competitive depending on the situation. Her old roommate decided he was going to keep in shape while working, so he’s doing a “One Punch Man” style workout. If you don’t know what that is, it’s one hundred push ups, crunches and squats and a ten mile run. The only thing he isn’t doing is the run, which I get. Running is actually evil. So of course, my roommate has to show him up and do 110 of each. That’s fine right, nope, because now I feel like I have to do it too. It’s a good idea and honestly super healthy, but I’m me and super lazy, so I’m dying every day. I can do the push ups no problem, don’t know why I can but it’s just a thing I’m going to accept. Everything else, literal death. I’m getting better with squats, and crunches are almost as evil and running. Normally we work out after my morning gaming session.
Now that the hard part of my day is over, I can just die for the rest of the day. My body is very not used to being worked like that. Now I have another decision I have to make, should I clean, or game more? Normally gaming wins, but I really have to do dishes today, so cleaning unfortunately. Otherwise, I’ve also been playing Rune Factory.
Sometimes we decide we should walk down to the lake with Midna too. If we go walking, that takes like four hours.
After all of that, early dinner since the boyfriend is still working. He’s off at 3:30. So we try and have dinner ready for him. Dinner, bonding over dorky YouTube videos or a movie, and then back to gaming for me for a few more hours.
Side note, I’m actually so lame, holy frick.
And that’s my day!

Except Tuesday…
Because I still work Tuesday. I’m still dispatching one day a week. I go to work so eager now too. Mostly because I get to interact with people who I don’t see everyfriggenday. I love my roommates, I really do, but I miss people! Even that job is slowing down though.

My life is super straight forward. I don’t really do much with the world being on lock down, but it’s been good for me mentally and hopefully by the end of it all, I can actually do more than five crunches in a row…

I know I’ve talked about this before, but like I said I felt like it needed an update. Doing this helps me see my life in a different light, so that’s low key why I did it. Thanks for following with me! Be safe out there!
— Deryn

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