My Legs are Sore


Yesterday I had the brilliant idea of messaging a friend of mine who also has a dog so we could go on an adventure! He was down for it, so in total, there were three people and two dogs. Man did we walk forever! It was fun though!

Starting at my place, we moseyed on down to Bosley’s for a better leash for Midna. The one we were using was for a dog about 30-35 pounds. Unfortunately, Midna is about 70-75 pounds. I say unfortunately, but it’s only because the leash can’t hold her very well. We looked super dorky trying to hold this bigger dog back.

Before we hit Bosley’s, coffee was needed. Tim Horton’s was doing “delivery” where they bring it outside for you and you pay on the app. But us, being lazy and not caring, hauled ourselves to the natural food store for some readymade iced coffee. Then it was time to adventure once again.

Bosley’s is in the neighbour parking lot, so we didn’t have to walk far to find a new leash. The old one was a retractable one, the new one is like braided rope and such. It’s got a loop thing, so she stretched it and wrapped it around her waist like a belt. Was super neat.

Now that our main goal has been accomplished, we decided that the waterfront would be a nice walk for the dogs. And if you’ve never seen it, Okanagan Lake is gorgeous! There’s a part of the lake that’s reserved for dogs too, so we got to let’s them run in the water.

Farther down the boardwalk thing and we ran into construction, so we turned around and doubled back and walked the rest of the boardwalk. Eventually we found the road leading home. By this point, we had walked for like, four hours.

Finally getting home, we gave the dogs snuggles, said bye to the friend of mine and his cute pup, got inside and melted into the couch. I don’t like I’ve ever walked so far in such a short period of time in my life. I’m not that athletic, so when my phone told me I hit a record for my steps ever.

We walked a lot…

The pups were exhausted by the end, and we had fun. Lots of bonding and enjoyment with finally talking to a real person. We want to go do a hiking trail tomorrow! RIP my legs.

This quarantine thing doesn’t totally suck! And honestly, going to a trail that’s empty is still safe. Enjoy nature! But yeah, that’s all I have for today. Thanks for reading!
— Deryn

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