So, My Roommate


So, she’s great. Like, 10/10 good time and worth having move in. I forgot she was moving in early too, so she’s already pretty much settled. I was like, oh I totally have another week-ish to have that room built and ready. NOPE! But no, it really has been great so far. I thought my boyfriend and I were okay at being adults, apparently not. In literally a day we’ve leveled up our adult skill to the point we could probably survive two weeks of isolation.

If you remember from my last post on renos, I had a room that needed a new floor, and then it was totally livable. – Link – So I went out and finally bought the flooring for that room. Laminate I know, just like all of the new bits of my trailer. I figured, oh yeah, I can have this done in a day. Got home and was hit with the, you forgot I was moving in today didn’t you load of stuff in my place. Oops…

I was all ready to rebuild that room, but the other “bedroom” in the house that’s empty is technically larger. so we ended up putting her in there. The laminate remains unopened on my deck. I haven’t got a picture of her room properly built as it is her’s and I didn’t ask to do that. The room is homey though. I really like what she did with it. Plus, she has a bunch of art I can hang around the house.

I was running out of room for food that should go in a pantry. So we bought, and built our own! LOOK AT HOW AMAZING THIS LOOKS! I’m sorry but I am so excited to have a pantry thing. As you can see, I have my potatoes <3 All three of us are working together really well and honestly this was, and is, as good idea. And my fridge is full for the first time in a long time. My trailer might be small but we have plans to make it feel larger just with furniture placing and such.

Midna is this cuties name! I don’t have a picture of Percy the cat though. I guess I technically got three new roommates, only one is human. No, I don’t know what kind of dog she is. I’m pretty sure she’s two years old though. Last night I took her for a walk so she’d be tired for bed, and we went running. I forgot dogs run a lot faster than people. I must have run like, 10 feet in full panic mode trying to keep up with this fur ball. My legs are still sore.

Having another person in the house is refreshing. Especially with all of this lock down stuff, being able to talk to another person is helpful on the brain. We have quality roommate time too which consists of sitting on the couch doing shit all, but together. I’m digging having another roommate in my life. We have some more sorting to do and I still have to finish that floor, but otherwise I’m pretty much done all of the hard stuff in the house! She does art and has an absolute heart of gold, so I’ll be talking about her a lot. – Her Insta – Keep your eyes peeled for some fun stuff we may be doing!

But yeah, that’s been my past couple days. Thanks for reading this today! You’re amazing! Be safe and stay healthy out there.
— Deryn

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