So, My New Phone


As per my last post, I’m sorry I suck. Just to make sure my post went out on the same day, I quickly typed something up on my new phone and straight up am deleting it later. With my forgetfulness, I decided to write a post today as an apology. But also as a thanks for sticking around. Today I want to talk about my new phone!

My old boss, who is still a really good friend of mine, hit me up saying the Samsung S10 was $30 a month off right now. I have had my S8 for just shy of three years so I figured I may as well get the newer phone right? Plus, I work off my phone, so I really need something extra amazing once in awhile.

I had to reconnect my headphones, and that took quite a bit of research that I wasn’t expecting. Literally just press the touch pads on both ears for a couple seconds and they’ll start bluetooth mode or whatever. That’s it, like super easy and took me like a half hour of looking.

After hooking them back up, I noticed they’re significantly louder than before too, which is awesome. That was one of my complaints I had. – Link – Now I feel these headphones are worth what I paid.

I’ve been having fun with the camera too! Mostly because I shaved my cat finally. Otherwise I haven’t gone out much to flaunt this camera to myself.

Poor Kitty got shaved

The larger screen has helped a lot for work things. I can see the order screens all stacked nicely, or with budgeting, I can see my budget and my bank account together at the same time. It’s been super handy honestly. People knock the larger screens but I do so much on my phone that I really needed something bigger. Physically it’s the same size as my S8 was, it’s just bezel-less. (Is that a word?)

But yeah, I made this honorary post to talk about my new phone a bit. I’ll be posting more pictures for this beautiful camera eventually. And as always, thanks for reading!
— Deryn

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