Roommate Incoming!


A good friend of mine is moving in with me! I did it guys! I got a roommate! She’s a super cool chick and just overall one of the most positive people I’ve ever met. Her old place has had the lease cancelled and I just happen to have a spare room. Although, now that there’s another person in my house, I have to fix it... Now, that’s not a bad thing at all, I’m just lazy.

Next Monday I have someone coming in to assess the floor and make sure that room is 10/10. I like my new roommate and don’t want to slowly poison her. Plus, even if she’s only around for a couple months, at least that room is fixed right? She’s also got a cat and a dog. If you know me, I’m low key scared of dogs, so this is going to be a good learning experience. Plus a good workout for my boyfriend who is super excited to have a dog living with us.

Also on the agenda is the other bedroom that is currently storing a litter box and the boyfriends collectibles. I would like to have another full room available in my place just to help it feel less cramped all the time. Although I don’t know what I’d put in it, if anything. Maybe a full table for magic nights! No matter what though, I have to fix everything first.

I feel a bit like a bad mom though for Shadow. There’s just going to be two more animals in my house. Shadow and the cat will avoid each other, that’s fine, but the dog. Midna is the dog’s name and she’s super cute with the mentality that everyone, whether human or not, is her best friend. I’m sure they’ll get along, but just adding more animals to my family is going to be interesting. Expect extra cute animal pictures for the next forever! And reno pictures...

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I’ll try and keep everyone updated on my renovation progress. And as always, you’re an amazing person. Thanks for stopping by and reading this today! Oh, and happy Mario Day!
— Deryn

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