How I’ve Been Dealing with Memory Loss


Prior to my nineteenth birthday, my memory is foggy at best. I don’t know quite what happened to mess it up either, and I occasionally have an “Ah ha” moment where I remember something in particular! But it’s been weird.

When I was younger, I doodled and wrote a frick load in journals and diaries. This has been extra helpful piecing together friendships and nightmares of my younger years. Most of it was typical young people problems like outfits and homework, but there’s definitely bits I wish I didn’t read. I also apparently doodled hearts on EVERYTHING which is odd, but whatever I guess.

The memory loss is also affecting my current memory. I can’t remember shit half the time... I usually have at least one journal on me at a time to write down stuff I should remember. My boyfriend likes to poke fun at me because I’ll tell him about something fun I did, and his response is one of two; “Babe, I was there” or “Babe, you told me this story already”. It’s not my fault my memory is actual trash! At least I don’t think it is...

I don’t know if this memory problem will continue as I get older, but honestly the way I see it: if I don’t remember such a large portion of life, maybe I shouldn’t remember, right?

But yeah, that’s my life. Wanna support my consistant need to have a journal? – PayPal Patreon – Anyway thanks for reading!
— Deryn