Adventure Time


Happy March! Can you believe it? We’re so close to real spring and not second winter now! I’m coming up quick on a year of running this blog too! Are you as excited as I am for plant season? CAUSE WE’RE ALMOST THERE!
But yeah, happy almost spring, and now I get to tell you about the crazy long walk I went on.

So, I went adventuring! My super amazing and most lovely friend Bella and I went for quite the walk the other day. It’s a day after and my body is still sore… Her and I have this thing where we get Starbucks every dang time because I can’t make decisions and she hates being the only decision maker. This time, we picked a farther away location to enjoy lattes at.

We started at her place. She lives close to the downtown area, lucky lady… So we hauled ourselves friggen like two kilometers to this Starbucks. It was a gorgeous walk though and I loved it! There’s a massive residential area I’ve never been in with streams running through it and bike lanes and stuff. It was super cute! I regret not pulling my phone out while we were walking around. I’m glad she knew where we were going cause like, I was beyond lost.

Along our walk, we found a full duplex for sale. If you’re unfamiliar with Okanagan housing prices, they’re actually insane. This duplex was on for $800k. Over three quarter million dollars, making each half about $400k right, that’s absurd! If you make minimum wage, pay literally nothing, and save up every dollar, after TEN YEARS you still can’t buy that house. Well, with a mortgage you can. But that payment would be $2500 a month which a full time job at 40 hours a week can’t afford! I’m sorry I know I’m ranting but I’m upset, housing prices are bizarre.

I get overwhelmed easy looking at a Starbucks menu, so I get the same thing my dad does. Apparently every man in my life speaks Starbucks fluently... While we sat there we had quite the conversation on “professionalism”. I’m almost, overly casual, so we were talking about managing employees and customer service. It felt like hours were spent at that Starbucks. But we weren’t done yet. (In case you’re curious, chai tea latte. Cause I’m basic…)

There’s one Nature’s Fare in town, it just so happens we’re about another two kilometers away from there. By now we’d been out for about an hour and a half just walking, enjoying the rather warm weather, and each others shenanigans.
I freaking love Nature’s Fare, I mean yes it is a grocery store, but it’s just fun. They have a full lunch buffet thing going on with a cute patio. I was still full from our drinks earlier, but Bella got this potato thing and some veggies. 10/10 good stuff. I stuck to a smoothie.

Now that we’re so dang far from our starting point, we kind of have to go home now. Another three kilometers, or forty minutes of walking were in our future. This walk was less admiring the world around me and more getting tired from walking so much. We were both wearing heeled boots even.

Bella is a super amazing human and I love her dearly. Go show her some love – Her Instagram – Most of my adventures, besides the busing and work ones, she’s the person I go with.
But yeah, that was my friggen seven kilometer walk of death and pretty views! Thanks for coming with!
And as always, thanks for reading!
— Deryn

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