Somehow, I Forgot


I don’t know how I did it, but I forgot to make a blog post yesterday. I was so caught up in watching a movie and a buddy’s stream on Twitch that I just didn’t write anything. So here I am with a “sorry I suck lol” post.

I don’t really have much to talk about. Tonight I’m going to paint some Warhammer minis with some friends, and tomorrow we’re going to play some Magic the Gathering. Having to write about nerd things I like reminds me just how much of a nerd I am…

Work has been super slow the past couple days, so I’ve watched a couple movies. IT Chapter II and Scary Stories to tell in the Dark were the two I watched at work. They were actually pretty good. IT was awesome with the acting we got to see from Bill Skarsgård. He’s a fantastic actor. Scary stories I feel could have had a bit more, but it was beautiful and the visual effect were astounding!

Today, if it’s still dead, I’m going to watch Brightburn. I’m on a scary movie train, shush. I’ve got money on Google Play for doing some surveys, so that’s why I can do this at all.

Oh hey! My hair is a different colour! Go check my Instagram out to see the pictures! I love it!

But yeah, that’s really all I’ve got for now. Sorry again for forgetting yesterday. Here’s a picture of Shadow as an apology.

I really mean it when I say thanks for reading. You lovely people are amazing! Have a good one!
— Deryn