Adult Store Adventures

Man, I really enjoy this job! As odd as it is selling sex toys and porn, it’s still a fun place to work. Most of the time people don’t suck either, which is great! I say that but the public is still the public.

My store has its windows black out, you know, for obvious reasons, or at least what I thought was obvious. This lady comes in, pissed. So of course I prepare for the worst, I’ve been working with people for ten years and they still surprise me. She’s upset she can’t look in my windows. Really? Well, by the product I sell, I kind of have to. I mean there’s dildos and sex dolls everywhere right? After looking at her super confused for at least five whole seconds, this lady glances around and the GETS MAD AGAIN but this time because of the product in here. I just sighed at sat back in my chair, but she got louder and walked right up to my counter.
“What kind of whore would sell product like this?!” was what set me off. I looked at her dead in the eye and replied, “who is dumb enough to walk into a building with a Womanizer branded sign on their door if they’re scared of female orgasms?” She was PISSED and shouted some more, trying to argue with me. “Any child could just walk into the sin filled building!”
“Yeah, so could any idiot.” And as if I just shot her, she huffed so loud and stormed off. Like, what the frig lady? Go away, geez.

Not customer related, but the owner of the place is super impressed with me taking charge and getting stuff done that there’s talk of bonuses and raises. And the store is mine to run now, like fully run finally, so I’m hyped. Inventory is fun: my search history is just lube and different Rated R style names of product.

My favourite lesbian couple came back! They’re amazing. I swear they both have hyperactive personalities cause they’re bouncing off walls and such. I’ve gained some regulars it seems.

I’ve found my least favourite demographic of people to deal with at work; groups of older ladies. I’m a social person, I really am, but when a group of women walk in and just move product around, laughing like idiots the whole time. I get it, there’s dildos and penis shaped candies and some overly kinky shit hanging around, but my god. I am still a business, so please just go away. Thanks…

But that’s it for now. I get some good foot traffic now too, so it keeps me busy. This job was a great idea. That’s all I’ve got for today though, so thanks for reading!
— Deryn

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