An Ideal Day


The other day I had a real bad day and it got me thinking about what I would call “a good day”. Everyone is different right? So what would be my special and ideal day? Now in case you didn’t know, I’m a simple person with simple needs. I really just want a day off where I can eat popcorn and pet Shadow while watching sims videos. But that doesn’t make a full length blog post, so I figured I’d dive a little deeper.

My bed is literally the best. I’d love to wake up well rested under way too many blankets. All snuggled up and warm, with clear abandonment issues but whatever. Waking up is just waking up though, so that would be that.

From there, a quality breakfast of literally anything with potato. Mostly cause I have a problem and need potatoes… And then plop my ass, on my couch. Sims on the TV and Shadow doing that thing where he stretches and takes up the rest of my free space.

No calls from work, no worries in the world. Just me, myself, and Shadow. And maybe a good story or two to share on social media.

After spending too long being a lazy butt, probably move into a bubble bath and let my body heal from overworking myself all the time. While also planning dinner.

The rest of my day would be dinner, then Magic the Gathering with some friends until at least midnight where we all finally are too tired and head home. Only to then dream of the next day in the comfort of my safety blankets once again.

And yeah, that’s my ideal day Thanks for reading! And have yourself an awesome day!
— Deryn