Bring on the Spring!


Okay! Here we go! Bring me some sunshine and maybe even some rainbows! I’m done with the snow and ice everywhere, especially since I walk everywhere. Plus, the beautiful flowers that come in with the rain. Cold weather isn’t the worst, but I prefer wearing my shorts over my jeans. And gardening is a hobby of mine. I think this year is a good year for mental health for me, or at least improving it. Hopefully.

I just went outside for some fresh air and the sun is just beaming! I love it! Flower crowns and sandals are in the future, and hopefully either no more snow, or very little because it melts throughout the day. I want to grow a ton of flowers this year too, not just food.

Next month is the release of Animal Crossing, and you can 100% guarantee I preordered that console. It’s beautiful and just captures the casualness of the game perfectly. If you haven’t played it before, I recommend it!

Photo Credits Owned by Nintendo

I’m excited for this year. It’s gonna be good. I’m going to be more comfortable and more productive without burning out every other day. Plus, I should finish the blankets I was making last year. I probably won’t. But I can dream.

Right now, I have a funny problem. My boyfriend is allergic to Shadow since we’ve been trying to deal with his matted fur. Poor guy can’t breathe properly at home. So I have to try and fix that now too.

But yeah, bring on some good weather! And as always, thanks for reading!
— Deryn

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