Having a Cat


I always talk about Shadow, so I’m sure you know who he is. My precious baby that I essentially got bullied into babysitting and now own. I love him dearly but frig man, owning a cat… His rear is starting to be a problem with matted fur. And I’m trying to deal with it but he’s just mad and sensitive about it. My hand is torn up from him fighting me. And I’m out of ideas…

I started this while I was mad at him last night, but today I’ve gotten back at it with a calm mind and a cat who hates me significantly less than yesterday.

I read some blogs on helping out a cat this morning and honestly I was just being impatient. So today him and I made some great progress and I gave him a lot of treats. So I think we’re on the right track. Poor bud, he’s just easily irritated and matted, and I feel bad about it. He’s doing his best, so we’re going to work on this together.

Not a new picture of him, but he’s so cute!

I’ll update everyone on some social media when we’re done dealing with the fur, and a new picture of Shadow I promise!

As always, you’re amazing! Thanks for reading!
— Deryn

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