Can you believe January is already over? That whole month felt like it was dragging on for an eternity! But now we’re free, and spring is on its way! This morning it’s super warm (so like 6°) and the spring rain is here, washing away all the sadness and the cold of winter. Today is also Imbolic for my pagan and wiccan friends. I love how they celebrate all the time, well more like once a month, but they celebrate real things going on around them. I know I lit a candle for today, but it’s too cold still to really plant anything outside.

This month is longer due to the leap year! That’s super exciting! Plus, in BC, family day is the 17th. So there’s a stat holiday soon enough. So a nice paycheque right? That’s always a bonus, especially for people like me who are always complaining about being broke.

I’ve got a good feeling about this month, everything from here on is going to be strong. The 10th is my last day at one of my jobs, so I’ll have a lot more time, only actually a couple days off a week but still, to get things done and focus on hobbies and such.

I’ve been putting in more research into self publishing books, now that I have three short stories, I think I can make a novella.

Here’s to February and all the blessings and positivity from here on out!
Thanks for stopping by on this nonscheduled, random post!
— Deryn