Bus Adventures Take… 3? Or was it 5?


Jan 10th
I left at 8am to get to the town over for 9am. Makes sense right? Takes about a half hour on a good day, but today is not a good day. My bus driver legitimately parked the bus, AND GOT OUT to stretch his legs because we were so stuck in traffic. To be fair, the bridge was an actual sheet of ice. I quit before we got far enough, and started heading home.

Jan 24
Yeah I know it’s been a bit but I’ve been lazy and cabbing in for the past couple weeks.
You know what really bugs me? The fact trains in Japan are so efficient that if they’re late, they have to give you a ticket saying they were or your employer won’t believe them, yet my bus doesn’t show and I have to wait for the next one. That just drives me nuts. Plus the people across from me think I can’t hear them trash talking everyone on the bus. So I’m tempted to say something and hopefully they’ll piss off. (I’m just being a brat.)

Jan 29
I love how people talk to me while they can tell I can’t hear them. It’s kind of neat. I’ve got my headphones and am writing, and the guy next to me is trying to be my friend. I don’t mind being social, but I have this feeling that he wants me number. Maybe if I test my French and apologize saying I don’t speak English he’ll leave me alone. Although probably not, because being “foreign” is cool I guess? Oh thank god the bus is here.
Now that I’m on the bus, this woman is sitting next to me, and my god she’s beautiful. I’m freaking out internally. Wow man, I would love to be her friend. Am I weird? I’m too shy to actually say anything, plus we’re both wearing headphones, but like, she looks like she’s a cool person. Like Barbara from Stranger Things pretty.

Taking the bus is such an adventure, and I love how people are in public. Thanks for coming with me on these adventures! Plus, gas and insurance just keep going up, so I might just keep busing long term because frig that noise.
Thanks for stopping by today!
— Deryn

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