Getting Back on Track


So, I’m down to two jobs. (Thank god) And have now been consumed by Byte and getting back on the reno train! Even if I’m doing it slowly, I am still actually doing something. Otherwise I haven’t done anything noteworthy.

Today, I wanted to ask you what you want to see more of. I know my bus adventures are popular, but if there’s anything else you really want to see more of, or see me attempt in the first place, let me know. Whether it be video games, crafts, or my attempts at learning French… I’m really up for just about anything. Actually, please don’t make me share my French fails because I embarrass easy.

How are you today? You eating enough, and drinking some water? Take some time to relax, okay? You’re amazing, don’t forget that.

I’ll try and photograph more renovations and adventures I have. Plus I’ve been going out and trying new places, so I’ll share those a bit too. This year I’m going to fix my car I think so I can go travelling. Oregon was a beautiful drive last time I went, so I might take my boyfriend down there. Force him like I did with England. Although he wouldn’t hate me as much as taking him overseas.

Another fun thing I’ve started doing is planning my blog posts ahead of time. I got this cute little journal for Christmas and that’s its job for now. AND that means I should get to that autograph I had planned…
(I know I’m all over the place, but I’m excited to be back in full force.)

Thank you as always for coming by!
— Deryn

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