Adulting is Getting Easier!


I know working three jobs and managing a blog is a lot on one person’s plate, but I’m actually feeling good. Especially now that I’m not sick! Building and adjusting my budget, I’ve noticed that I have tons of potential to grow really fast, or burn out super hard. I’ve already paid a huge piece of my debt, made a beginner sized savings account, and am actually not dreading getting bills.

I’m also finding I actually have some motivation to do things again. As much as home reno’s are sitting on the back burner, I’m thriving at work and at my writing. Now all I need is to literally anything toward fixing my damn place, I’d be flying!

Unrelated, kind of, Shadow was getting sick from food I bought, so I’ve switched his diet. So there are some floor bits that really need to be replaced.

As much as I enjoy feeling like I’m making progress, I think I’m going to quit one job and pick up a shift at another. I’ll still have more money than I did, but I’ll go back to having two days off which is neat. Plus that means I can have more time to do things like book reviews, bus adventures, and staying on top of my mental health.

It’s currently 11:45 am on Thursday and I’m making asparagus and eggs for lunch while watching Sims videos on my TV. Today I can say, life is good.

Thanks for coming by!
— Deryn

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