Working in an Adult Store

So for those who don’t know, I got a third job in an adult store. I’ve never sold this kind of product before but I can sell anything, so I figured I’d give it a shot. We aren’t a very busy store yet. And since I’ve worked all over my town here, a lot of people recognize me. With that I figured I’d publish my adventures here the same way I do my bus adventures.

Now, this is a job, just like any other. I’ve had a few interesting customers, but they’re people who know me or are actually interesting to talk to. But then there are … Those People … The people you wish would just leave and never come back. Or the people who shouldn’t be allowed in a store when there’s only one person working.

My store has a doll. She’s super weird looking and only partially proper in physical structure. Her breasts are insanely large, like 25 pounds each. I had to dress her when we put her together and my god she’s 120lbs of dead weight. There’s just something about her though, I just really enjoy having her and the two mannequins in the store. When my dad came by, he said that the doll needed a name. After some thought, my dad decided to name her after a stripper from DC’s Doom Patrol, “Maura Lee Karupt”. Until like, yesterday, I didn’t know how it was spelled, so I’ve been writing Mora-Lee for her name. And it’s stuck so far! The mannequins are “Scarlet” and “Angelica”. Those three along with our three staff members (including me) makes that store pretty much a family.

I had a customer who had a very specific request on what she wanted in a sex toy. That’s fine I can deal with that, but it turns out I only had like one thing in the while store good enough and it took us an hour to find it. But after we did, I felt so happy, like a “YEAH WE DID IT!” kind of happy. It’s this little vibrator thing that your fingers slide in and I’m pretty sure it has an actual car motor in it because my hand went numb after testing to make sure it worked. I will 100% recommend that to anyone who has overstimulated to the point nothing works anymore.

I had a female couple come in, and frig dude they were so funny. The one lady found the Fleshlight wall and said, and I quote “I’m too gay for this” and “men are so strange”. They had such chaotic energy and I loved it. Back and forth they we saying that they had to leave, and then would egg each other on for not buying anything. After almost an hour, they both bought their own thing and left very happy.

I’ve only had a few shifts there, but damn is it interesting! There’s such a range of people who come into that shop. I really could not pick a more wide variety style job. It definitely has slow times where I want to tear my hair out, but I think I’m going to stay at this job for awhile.

P.S. I’m so sorry I somehow forgot about this post and am crazy late posting it! Sorry for my memory, but thank you for still coming by!

— Deryn

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