This Fever is Destroying Me


And everyone thought I was messed up on Tuesday! Well my dudes, it’s Thursday and I’m not any better! TMI Warning!!! Yesterday was the worst though, I sweat enough I had to change my bed sheets cause it was honestly gross, only to then get so cold for like an hour I couldn’t warm up no matter what I did. Today I’m pretty much at the same spot I was on Tuesday. And because I’m me. I can’t just stay home and rest, no, I’ve got to make sure I still go to work. I don’t really want to look at the computer screen much so today it’s going to be a short post. Sorry for being a mess…

I love you all, stay warm this winter, or cool this summer depending on where you are.
Thanks for stopping by!
— Deryn

One thought on “This Fever is Destroying Me

  1. DanamesX – I am not a professional writer or a professional gamer. I am person who enjoys doing both just enough to keep doing it everyday.
    Carlton says:

    Stay strong my dude!

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