Boxing Day


I’m so over the Christmas season… The 25th was so unnecessary and today is going to be as busy as Christmas eve was! I get paid tomorrow, and then again on Tuesday. Any debt I have left will be paid, and I’ll be on my way toward a down payment on my new house!

In the “boxing day” spirit, I’m checking out all the sales. Looking at the camera I really wanted, and some extra gifts for the family. – Camera I Like
I’ve already take my tree down and put it away for another year. With the possibility of moving, I didn’t buy any lights so cleanup was super easy. And might I add, wrapping paper is such a waste.

I’m only working a half shift today, so I get to go home and make some potatoes!
On that note, a friend of mine is making her own recipe book and I thought that was amazing, so I’m going to steal that idea and claim it as my own. So far I have my chicken and roasted potatoes in it, but I know I have a killer cheese sauce recipe somewhere that I’m going to add to it.
Besides cooking recipes, I think I’ll add crocheting patterns to it as well. I make a lot of blankets, so I just think it will help my brain having them all somewhere.

My next post will probably be the last one of the year, but I honestly don’t know what to talk about. I’ve done an accomplishments. Oh, maybe like a new years resolution kind of thing. Man, sometimes I am so smart, that’s a lie really. I haven’t totally thought the idea of resolutions though, guess you’ll have to tune in Saturday to find out what I come up with!

And as always, thanks for reading!
— Deryn

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