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So, the new year is almost here. (Literally two weeks until new years…) And with that, I’m going to change up my schedule. I’ve applied at a couple places, looking to get real hours and pay, and with that I need to adjust my blogging schedule too.
I blog with WordPress, which has been amazing, and it has a neat feature where it shows me my most popular day and time of day for foot traffic. After looking over that, I’ve learned that Thursday and 12:00pm are my most successful overall. With that, I’m going to cut down my posting to Thursday for sure will get a post every week. Throughout the week, I may make a bonus post or two that could be shorter, or even just because I wanted to say “hi” to everyone.
The Thursday posts will also grow in length, not just quick blerbs. I’m hoping to make more meaningful posts, and quality ones too. I’ll try and keep my posting time, so twelve in the afternoon, the usual for even off day posts. But, I am super lazy sometimes, so we’ll see. I have faith I can keep it up.

I’m almost done the first draft of my novel that has taken forever, so come the next draft, I’m going to hopefully start posting bits for thoughts and critiques. I’ll save those posts for Thursday’s just because novel size would take awhile. I’d only go piece by piece, but still.
I’m also hoping to get my computer built soon so I can start photo editing for my blog and just making a few extra bucks on the side even. Really, I’m just a hustler who doesn’t like being bored.

This scheduling update won’t take place until January. The first happens to be a Wednesday, so I’ll more than likely post a small update and then start strong for the second. I’m excited for the new year. I’ve already made a dent in my debt, and house hunting is fun, but it’s going to have to sit on the back burner for awhile. But at the rate I’m going, next year I’ll be able to actually buy something!

I’m still going to keep my social media updated, and I’m going to continue to make improvements on my site. So stay tuned!
On a side note, I don’t have too much snow this year, which is a bit of a bummer, but I’ll live. Anything you want me to talk about in particular for the new year? Something like resolutions, or going the extra mile to be green? Maybe? Any tips on widgets or themes that look nice, give me comment or a DM even! – Twitter Link – I know for sure I want to make a signature instead of just typing out my name every time. So I’ve gotta learn to do that. I’m sure Photoshop and a good enough camera will make that happen.

But yeah, that’s my scheduling change laid out for you. For me really, you’re more likely to remember than I am. And as always, thank you for stopping by and being the awesome person you are!
And thanks for reading!
— Deryn

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  1. Whoarewe – I am literally just a regular girl. I am no one special. I am not a model, actress or a trendsetter. I am an average girl but I still have something to say. I think that’s why You should listen to me. Because I don’t believe I am the only one with this point of view. I am just the one to scream it out loud.
    Whoarewe says:

    Loved that

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