Merry December


Another year is passing, and another snowfall is coming! Can you believe it’s already almost the end of 2019? That’s insane!!! I’m excited for this holiday season, I even think I’m going to pull out my mini Christmas tree and make a wreath for my front door. Although, I need to decorate for more Yule traditions too. I’ve taken a few extra shifts because I AM GOING TO FIX AND SELL MY PLACE! I will do it! Eventually. Plus, being able to buy presents for people who deserve something nice is my favourite thing to do. So there’s that.

In preparation, besides working more of course, I’ve made a board on Pinterest for Christmas/Yule crafts. – Link – Besides that, it snowed!!!

From outside my house
From outside my job

On a side note, JINGLE JAM! For those who don’t know, Jingle Jam is the event held by the Yogscast (A UK based YouTube and Twitch company) to raise money for charity. They go all December long and it’s amazing. As of when I’m writing this, so December third at about 10am, they’re at $1,314,646 raised! That’s insane!! I’ve been watching these guys play games since 2011 and I just love them and everything they do. – Link to their Twitch – So I’m also going to spend all of my free time watching these nerds have fun and raise money.

Anyways… I guess I should call this one done, huh?
So yeah, Merry December!
Thanks for reading!
— Deryn