So, I Lived!


Black Friday wasn’t that bad. Most of my customers were actually amazing. And I didn’t have an anxiety attack! So that’s a huge bonus! After work my colleague’s and I even went and had a drink which was cool.

Today is going to be everyone who couldn’t make it in yesterday, and people who have questions and such. Which in the end, I really don’t mind. Retail hasn’t completely ruined me yet.

Over the next little while, I’m putting in extra shifts everywhere so I can fix my place up faster. I’m hoping to at least sell this year. That’s the goal, but I’m going to remind myself that it’s okay if I don’t get there.
On that note, I was looking at places again. I’m indecisive, like, it’s bad. One minute I want to move out, the next I don’t. I blame it on the fact I can be shy to change. But this is my time and I should really seize the opportunity. Blerg, why is this so hard?!

Anyway, today’s post isn’t going to be crazy large just because I have other things I have to do. Did you get any good sales for Black Friday? Waiting for Cyber Monday? Don’t care at all? Let me know! Follow me if you want – Here and Here – And as always…
Thanks for reading!
— Deryn

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