Black Friday


Today starts most of the sales for this season, and I work retail so I’m caught in the middle. I can’t promise I’ll have content ready for Saturday but I’m gonna try. Wish me luck everything for the next few days!

Normally I would post this on my social media, but it seems that nothing is working this morning, so here I am.

I’m personally going to try and get in on the sales tomorrow. I don’t start till 11am so I want to try and head to our local mall and see if I can’t get something super cheap. Plus I get paid tomorrow, so all around it’s going to be an adventure.

I ran out of bus tickets, so my bus adventure post is going to stay a work in progress for now. I promise I haven’t forgotten about it. I love writing them and taking the bus anyway so it will be finished soon.

Sorry this post is short, but I only have a few minutes to type this out. Y’all are amazing, and to my American followers, Happy Thanksgiving! You’ll hear from me soon enough. If there are any deals I should know about, hit me up!

Thanks for stopping by. Wish me luck the next few days!
— Deryn