My House is Freaking Cold


I’m sure yours is too sometimes. But like, frig my house is cold in the morning. So, since my feet are suffering, I’ve put a list of things together that I do to help me stay warm, or at least warmer, during the winter months.
Now, I live in Canada, so we get cold winters, as in -30°C winters. Sometimes it is just so freaking cold that breathing sucks. I’ve found that crawling under my house and adding insulation under my mobile home is only so helpful. I’m also broke all the time so cheap ways are the best ways.

I love carpet floors. Like, love them. But redoing my whole house to have carpet is expensive and unnecessary. So rugs!
I’m weird and I love the way carpet and rugs feel on my feet. I was reading an article based out of the UK about how much heat is lost through the floors and ceilings and the numbers are insane! – Link to that – It’s 10%! That’s a lot when you think about how long winter is! Plus, heat rises, and I’m pretty sure my ceiling isn’t insulated properly, yet I don’t know how to get up there.

For Christmas I’ve asked for new curtains for my bedroom, those double lined and blackout ones. – Something similar – I’ve heard that they work amazing in all seasons for keeping unwanted temperatures out, and the sun too during the summer.

I crochet once in awhile and my favourite thing to make is blankets. They’re warm and soft, and if I have a full stream on twitch to watch, or a couple of movies that I’ve seen before, I can make one every four to six hours. I just have to sit down and actually do it. Blankets hold so much heat, and making them just feels more satisfying. Plus I just started doing granny squares and it’s great! – Here’s a Pattern

My place doesn’t have a chimney, nor radiators, so I have to find other ways to make heat. I saw one of those terracotta pot heater things with the candles, but they’re more placebo than actual heat (from what I’ve read anyway) but they look super cool! I found a fun one to make using two pots and a stand. – Video Link – The physics behind this is super neat, and I have most of the parts, so I might just make one. And hope Shadow doesn’t try and kill it…

Unrelated, my new – Link for thing – that I’m going to start doing makes me feel more professional. So expect that to stay around for awhile.

While looking into more ways to stay warm for this post, and for the sake of my poor feet, I found an article saying I should see if my fan spins the other way. Pushing air down and throughout the room, instead of cooling everything down. Since heat rises, the fan spinning the other way can push the heat back down into the room. – Link to That

As I mentioned in my last post, I want to start baking. The amount of heat from an oven should be enough to really heat up the heart of my house. – Link to Post – And while browsing the internet, I found my new favourite baker. – Their Website – My boyfriend cooks a lot more than I do, so I may as well contribute to the overall snacks in my house. Pinterest has so many delicious baking recipes that I want to try! I’m making myself hungry just thinking about it!

Winter this year is supposed to be brutally cold through Canada. Every little thing I can do to stay warm is going to be used this time around. Cause like, holy frig man. It’s too damn cold. As always, support links – Here and Here – and follow me – Here and Here – Stay warm this winter! Anyways…
Thanks for reading!
— Deryn