Novel Update


While I was in England, I was super inspired and found myself typing away into the nights, whether jotting down notes or researching the frig out of names, I was going hard on this book. I am by no means an amazing authour, but writing a novel has been a dream of mine for years. The idea of bringing a whole world to life with only words is something I really want to do.

Our Planet is so Beautiful. Photo Credits

Before we went, I had about four thousand words, now I have over thirty-thousand. It’s insane how inspired I was feeling. Now this is only a first draft, so I am not even close to being done. But now that I’m on a role, I’m going to keep going as much as I can. I want to have the first draft done right away, just so I have the main story laid out.

If my Writing ever gets to Movie Level, I’d be excited for the Nature Shots. Photo Credits

For those who like laughing at me, it took three months to name the main character, and I’m still not 100% set on it. And there is one section that I was writing while listening to the Castle Town Theme for ten hours, even made it almost half way through. So yeah, that’s my update. Want more consistent updates? My Twitter is mostly novel updates and NSP tweets cause I’m me.

Thanks for hanging out!
— Deryn

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