Since Getting Back


I’ve been home for two days now, and besides missing drinking and socializing every day with everyone there, I’m glad to be home. I’ve worked that past couple days and work again today, which is helping me get back into the groove of everything. My biggest gripe though is I’ve been waking up at 4:30 every day. I’m almost a total morning person. I’m lying to myself, don’t worry.

Tipping – The way we tip in Canada is very similar to the US, and it is kind of annoying. I understand tipping someone who you believe did a great job, like your hairdresser or a tattoo artist, cause like, art, but the fact that some waitstaff actually has to pay to work because they don’t get paid anything is dumb.

Weather – I woke up this morning to frost, which sucked. But at least it isn’t rain I guess? That reminds me, I need a new winter coat.

Roads – Every road is massive and the vehicles on the are unnecessary. More people should walk and bike. There should not be that many cars running around. Or maybe I just think in an old fashioned style.

Shadow – I missed him <3 He’s the best cat ever! And my dad, my dear dad, I love him and decided that he could babysit Shadow while I was gone. So my dad took Shadow to his house and just kept him for awhile, feeding him chips and blizzards from Dairy Queen. He’s fine and it turns out Shadow is okay with dairy, but like, no my cat has bad eating habits and I’m upset. I’m not all that upset cause I’m glad Shadow was cared for, and I’m glad to be home with him again.

And, I’m broke now, so I’m trying to take extra shifts at work. Here’s to working 60 hours a week… My birthday is Saturday which is exciting! I’m going to have to update some social media to say I’m twenty-two. Eww, I’m already twenty-two. As always, come hang out here and here, and if you wanna celebrate my birthday with me, I’ll be sharing my whole day since I have to work. I appreciate you all! Thanks for reading!
— Deryn